Danica Dye – Falling Apart For You

I love those moments where you’re listening to a song for the first time and the lyrics are able to take you away from the world to give you a cathartic experience that makes the worries of everyday life melt away before your body, mind and soul slowly begin to heal from past events as the melodies wash over your in a cascading flow of tender beauty. It’s a rare occurrence but the singer-songwriter from Eastern Kentucky Danica Dye has managed to do that in her debut single Falling Apart For You through her poetically expressive storytelling.

Best described as Adele meets Julia Michaels, her debut evokes nothing but heartfelt emotion that will have you reaching for the tissues in a matter of seconds as the delicate story she tells begins to take a hold of you. Throughout the piece you feel her pain, the betrayal, the heartbreak, everything she describes through her honest lyricisms combined with the tenderly beautiful production makes each word feel like a dagger piercing your heart. A tearjerker if ever I’ve seen one.

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