Tom Did It – Thinking Too Much

2020 has been one of those years where all of us have gone through hardships and struggles, people have been losing their jobs, going through an array of mental health struggles as well as bodily health issues and panicking about what the future may hold for the world they reside in. The 17 year old musician Tom Did It knows this all too well, between the beginning of the lockdown and a family member diagnosed with cancer he dived into his music to help himself heal, it was a true cathartic experience for him, and now in his latest single he hopes to help everyone else not feel as alone in this now isolated world.

Thinking Too Much is his most powerful single to date with this orchestral version offering a fresh emotional perspective on the already rawly poignant lyrics. “It’s ok to have a lot going on and it’s ok to talk about it,” the artist explains as the hauntingly beautiful strings begin to make the worries you have, even for a few brief moments, fade away into obscurity and his mesmerising vocals begin to make you feel like you’re not alone in this world. Tom Did It soars higher and higher with every track he puts out, it’s not a question of when he’s going to blow up it’s more a matter of when.

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