myKeL – dcmbr

The 22 year old Miami, Florida native myKeL took a big leap this year and moved from the sunshine state to the City of Angels where he’s crafted out his own distinct sonic identity that has seen his music continuously turn heads whenever it’s heard. Channelling the raw pop punk stylings of My Chemical Romance through his evocatively poignant lyrics and a contemporary hip hop driven production that is reminiscent of Post Malone meets The Kid LAROI his sound has become something a new generation of music lovers can find a place of solace within and soundtrack their own angst filled adolescence.

In his latest track dcmbr you feel the raw unadulterated passion he brings to his music rise tenfold as the energy is palpable. Going from a somber opening with a lullaby-esque guitar riff before a flurry of fluorescent synths enter the fray with the euphoria inducing nature they offer as they clash with the rest of the production in an explosion of euphonically emotional brilliance. Keep an eye on this one as we enter 2021 because he’s got the making of something rather special.

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