Boy Destroy – As Time Goes By


Inspired by the likes of My Chemical Romance and Jeff Buckley the Swedish musician Boy Destroy combines his ability to craft a heartbreaking tale that is filled to the brim with emotional melancholy with a raw unwavering passion that raises his music to the next whilst simultaneously making you feel enamoured by his sound. His debut single Warpaint has a rock sensibility about it with a hip hop edge that put the focus on his brooding lyrics and evocative production but he manages to take that vulnerability up a notch with his follow up single As Time Goes By.

Supported by poignant keys and static trap beat, Boy Destroy strips it all back in this confessional story after one destructive night where he forgets about what he’s done for a brief moment and lives for the now, not running from what he’s done but just taking a break from his life. He manages to find a balance between discussing the complex memories of our past we’d rather forget and those moments we dearly hold onto, managing to simultaneously strike a chord of joy and sadness to create a bittersweet feeling unlike any other. His debut was strong but his follow up was even stronger.

Speaking about the track Boy Destroy says, “On the surface, this song is about the day after a destructive night, with someone I liked, in a bed somewhere. A film from the thirties. And tender lies in the dark. ‘As Time Goes By’ is a temporary break from a life on the run. Away from upbringing, rules, religion and drugs. To cease movement and resign to the perfection of the present moment – give of oneself and get back. To look into someone’s eyes when the car drives off the road but has not yet cracked the water surface. Total weightlessness. A safe embrace.” 

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