nodisco. – Permanent Residence


If you’ve been a fan of nodisco. (real name Chris Toufexis) then you’ll know of his ability to craft majestic bedroom-pop numbers that discuss difficult subject matters with clever lyricisms and enthralling interweaving storylines. His debut Thoughts From Your Car was pop perfection that came about from the artist having a panic attack in his studio and his last release Fond only developed this whimsical sound further with this marvellous ode to love blossoming. His sound is gorgeous and makes the big things in your life that plague your mind feel so small as his mystical melodies wrap themselves around you and put you in a state of pure bliss.

Today he plans on being a Permanent Residence in your heart with his latest single subject matter stemming from not feeling enough in a relationship, feeling like the other person is too good for your before finally putting trust in yourself because they trust you and that’s all you truly need. The whole number is rather sweet as the trust in himself slowly grows throughout the number, reflected in the confidence in the chorus growing bolder throughout, as he confesses how although he’s messed up he knows she is as well because, at the end of the day, we’re all a little bit messed up. Throw in the intoxicating hook and it’s hard to ignore the pop glory that nodisco. is showing us all on a regular basis.

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