zack teale – Aphasia


At 18 years of age the British musician zack teale values intimacy and personality when crafting his avant-garde brand of pop that dissects the experiences young people are currently going through in modern Britain through a forward thinking lens. He isn’t afraid to openly express his own inner grievances regarding the nation whilst also managing to find humour within his own adolescence and picks at moments a lot of other young artist don’t venture that deep into whilst still maintains the raw reality of the situation they come from. He creates a sonic identity that is relatable, unflinchingly honest and reflects the world we’re currently residing in.

Aphasia, which was written and produced by Teale alongside Frankie Scoca, sees Teale detail falling in love with someone whose social situation has led them down a different life path to you, something many young working class people will relate to. The candid lyrical storytelling mixed with the stripped back electronics that provide an intimate setting allows the emotion to come cascading down upon you like tsunami as the heartbreaking tale takes ahold of you and pulls you deeper into the inner works of Teale’s mind. This isn’t just any debut, this is a statement of intent unlike any other.

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