Òlah Bliss – Push Me To The Edge ft. Kid Bookie


We’ve been consistently praising Òlah Bliss over the past year with her multifaceted sonic identity, which she’s deemed Situationships, consistently flooring us. From tracks that leave you pondering the complexity of modern relationships like Hoes, raw emotional numbers like We Only Live Once or even covering modern classics like Rockstar by Post Malone, she always comes out swinging with her hip hop influenced experimental trap music. She’s a forced to be reckoned with an will undoubtably rise to the top as her fanbase continues to grow, as I’m sure it will with the release of her latest track.

Push Me To The Edge is a collaboration with South East London rapper Kid Bookie and it is truly a match made in heaven. Bliss’ flavoursome vocal tone soaring across the evocative and sexually charged production of luscious beats before Kid Bookie arrives with his indefatigable energy and expressive flow that adds another layer to the expressive sound this track delivers. Both artists are consistently raising the bar within their music and when you put them together you get an explosive number that just can’t be beat.

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