M. Byrd – Mountain


M. Byrd’s story starts somewhere between Amsterdam and Paris, he was on the road touring for a live band as the bass player where along the road one day he played them his early demos and his reaction was all he needed to realise what he must do to get his voice heard. Once the tour was over he began traveling throughout Europe to find himself musically, getting swept up with the spaced out beats of Iceland, the hypnotic melodies of Denmark and the compelling storytelling of France he soon found his own sonic identity. He’s an authentic rock soul that channels his passion into a dreamy soundscape that makes you feel as if anything is possible.

Mountain is his debut single and it’s like a modern day Tom Petty brought to life with compelling guitar riffs, authentic storytelling and a magical soundscape that makes you feel the whole spectrum of human emotion. It’s something that belongs in a coming of age movie with the uplifting message of hope that it brings whilst still maintaining firmly grounded in it’s lyricisms. You close your eyes and you go on a magical journey from start to finish with every wistful note that is sung wrapping itself around you and pulling you deeper into the mesmerising universe that M. Byrd has crafted for us all to behold.

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