There’s announcing yourself to the music world and then there’s exploding onto the scene in a vibrant array of weird synth melodies and left-of-field beats that the electronic duo MILKBLOOD have done today with their debut EP. The project was born out of a need to get weird and loud and express themselves fully as producers, they rented a cabin for the weekend at Big Bear, took some acid and unleashed their inner weirdness to create an EP that showed what they were fully capable of without the boundaries they’d previously been stuck behind.

Their debut project VOID is an explosive listen from start to finish, with warped vocals being ever present in the opening number SICK OF BEING HONEST whilst a cacophony of swirling synths clash in the background. BOILER ROOM is a largely instrumental piece that belongs in an underground club with everyone losing their heads and the title track comes in at the end to give a glorious send off that encapsulate the raw unadulterated talented that this duo have to offer. They’ve been working behind the scenes as producers for many years but now they’re spreading their legs and showing us their boundless potential.

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