Jordan Doww – Landslide


I’ve always been impressed when artists managed to take a classic song such as Fleetwood Mac’s iconic number and Perks of Being A Wallflower tunnel song Landslide and transform it to fit their sound. It can often be very hit and miss with some artists bring the song into the modern era to the point where it takes a certain lyric for someone to realise it isn’t an original number and that’s what happened with me and Jordan Doww today.

As the melodic number began to play I saw myself get consumed by the sound and adore the beauty of the lyrics before slowly realising this wasn’t a mesmerising new track, but a brilliant spin on a classic tune. He made it his own, he didn’t worry about trying to maintain what the original had already perfected, no he turned it into something that gave it a new flavour, a little bit of zest to the piece that made it his own. It takes a lot of guts to do something like this for a debut single but Doww smashes it out of the park and lets us all know what he is capable of.

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