Heath240 x Daniel Price – Chirp

You know in those old school Disney films where the princess comes out, sings a song and all of a sudden all the birds come around and tweet along with them in a rather magical fashion that amazed you as a kid? Well after listening to Heath240 and Daniel Price’s latest collaboration Chirp I am fairly convinced this is what that song would sound like when brought into the modern age through his distinct R&B mixed with bedroom pop and alternative hip hop sound. Heck there’s even some samples of birds chirping to add more weight to this argument.

With an unwavering energy and versatile flow he discusses the downsides of living in a small town before deciding to break out and finally set himself free from the provincial life to become what he knows deep down he can achieve. His poetically authentic lyrics tell us to be unapologetically ourselves whilst simultaneously encouraging us to get out of our comfort zone to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, we have to be uncomfortable to progress and he showcases that effortlessly within this new number. Keep an eye on this one and watch the rest of his journey on his ascent to the top.

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