Shango SK – Shot

Stockport born musician Shango SK is an artist who you’re never really sure what to expect when he comes out with a new song and that’s what makes him so fascinating. His multifaceted soundscape sees him shift in-between genre effortlessly like a master of disguise managing to put on the guise of an alternative pop artist before flipping over to an indie rock balladeer and ending his quick change performance with hip hop. He’s truly genreless and every time I see a release I get a bit giddy inside as I dive into another layer of his distinct sonic identity.

If you’re into laid-back club anthems that carry a subtle 80’s nostalgia to them then Shot is the one for you. With lyrics focusing on going out for a night, letting your hair and living truly freely for a night of unforgettable memories where stress is but a mere distant memory and jubilance is the only feeling you can experience. Slick synth melodies, enticing rhythms and an underlying muskiness makes this something you can listen to over and over again and still discover something new that you love about the track. Shango SK, a high riser who’s ascent is becoming all the more noticeable.

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