Ben Chandler – Addicted 2 U


There’s something so real about Ben Chandler’s sound, his ability to weave a story together filled with authentic lyricisms is a spectacle to behold as the earnest vocals of the Pittsburgh native bring them to life. You close your eyes and you’re filled with nostalgic memories, the tingles you felt after your first kiss, long nights sitting down looking up at the stars, evenings spent day-drinking with your friends, all these come flooding back to you through his alternative pop sound with a psychedelic spin.

He’s already made a name for himself this year with Red Line and Strawberry Candy but Addicted 2 U has this magical quality that is unrivalled by his previous releases. It’s got this timeless feel to it with the woozy guitar melodies, smooth vocals and overall grounded sound, it never feels overproduced or heavily marketed, it just feels real. Ben Chandler has that special something most songwriters spend years trying to find but he’s managed to make it look easy, he’s an authentic musician who’s stories make an instant connection to all those who’re there to hear them.

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