Jak Bannon – Homebound


Earlier this year Jak Bannon made his grand entrance into the music world with his debut single THE TRADE that is best described a somber daydream with swooping melodies, wistful instrumentation and blissful vocal that all came together to form his dynamic and innovative sound. The single was a mission statement, it was Bannon letting everyone know what he wanted to do, what boundaries he wanted to push beyond, what music he wanted to make and what stories he wanted to tell. It was no surprise when he began to rack up the streams for the release and why his follow up continued to keep this momentum going.

Homebound is his latest released, which was produced by Mr. Carmack, is used as a cautionary tale that focuses on Bannon taking a self-reflective look at himself in the mirror, realising the errors of his ways and making changes to make sure they don’t happen again. The gorgeous soundscape of disjointed beats and synths becomes the perfect backing for his emotively honest lyrics to shine before his divine vocal comes in and delivers the finishing blow that leaves you reeling from the impact. Combine that with Bannon’s self-directed music video and you’ve got another home run for this rising musician.

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