Jenna Doe – Weeping Willow


Wrapped up with a wistful nostalgia and compelling melodic hooks Jenna Doe’s music feels like something out of a modern day coming of age movie produced by A24. She captures the whimsical feeling we get when reminiscing about our own adolescence but ties it in with a solemn storytelling that takes you on a wonderful journey with her spellbinding vocal being your narrator and the woozy production being your soundtrack. If you’re a fan of soundtracks from movies like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Breakfast Club and Juno then Jenna Doe is someone whom you must know.

Weeping Willow has an unmistakable charm to it that gives me flashbacks to my own youth as the lo-fi guitar riffs warmly pulls me back into the past to reminisce over the days you’d spend doing nothing with a group of your friends and be filled with nothing but jubilance. Doe manages to capture these moments that we now hold dear to our heart and injects that feeling into her sound through her magical lyricisms to make you feel like you’re experiencing the joys of your youth all over again. Keep an eye on this one and if you love her sound then dive into her Bedbugs EP, you won’t be disappointed.

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