There are rare moments where as I’m listening to new music that I go into a trance like state where everything around me disappears and I am transported into a sonic universe where only the music exists and when I’m brought back to reality as the track ends I sit their questioning what I just listened to. VEN offered me that experience upon first listen where his atmospheric world saw me lose myself for a few brief moments as I explored the inner workings of his mind, the deep personal thoughts that haunt him late at night to the things we think but never say out loud. He left me truly enthralled by his sound.

H8 LOVIN is a debut that does more than introduce us to the artist, it lets us take a deep look into his own psyche, he shows us the side of himself that if we were given the opportunity we would’ve kept hidden. As VEN himself says, his music is headphone music for introverts as many people will be able to understand his reflective look upon himself as the ambience of brooding left of centre electronics and synth flourishes provide the perfect backing. Lose yourself in this spellbinding solo debut.

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