Charity Stow – Wake Up

Nottingham based musician Charity Stow has already made quite the name for herself in her local scene with performances at renowned venues The Bodega and Rescue Rooms with her soaring vocals captivating audiences and her story-driven lyricisms leaving them speechless. Taking influence from iconic legends like Bob Dylan but channelling more contemporary artists like Daughter has allowed her to craft a niche sound that fuses the old with the new in a glorious fashion as Wake Up, her latest release, demonstrates in pure class and style.

Whilst previous releases have gone for a more laidback and intimate folk style, here she flips the switch with raw electric guitar melodies opening the track whilst her celestial vocals contrast this with their ethereal tone and halcyon quality. Her expressive lyricisms focus on how we all want to make positive change and how to do so we have to get others to our way of thinking, this leads to some rather poetically poignant moments that are perfect for the turbulent times we’re experiencing here in the UK.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Daughter, London Grammar or Låpsley then Charity Stow is an artist you’re going to want on your radar. Her passion is indescribable and storytelling irreplaceable, a shining jewel in Nottingham’s thriving music culture.

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