Balming Tiger – Track 1


South Korea is taking over the music world as of late with the K-Pop genre becoming a global phenomenon and the musicians becoming icons to hundred of thousands of young fans, however there’s more layers to the scene that the large majority of the world do not know. Balming Tiger are a group of weirdo trailblazers of Seoul’s thriving rap scene who proudly proclaim that they’re the multi-national alternative K-Pop band that aim to create a global impact with their fresh and unique take on the K-Pop sound. If Brockhampton was formed in South Korea, this would be them.

Track 1, the title of the track for the time being, was first unveiled during their live online concert that they performed on a barge on the Han River, representing the heart and soul of the city they represent. The track is quite addictive, being able to show off each members talents, from singing, rapping, dancing to playing instruments this group manage to do it all whilst simultaneously celebrating the versatile sonic identity they’ve crafted for themselves. They’re the future of where the K-Pop sound is heading and we’re overjoyed to see them thriving.

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