Lyhre – sad cyborg

Based in Berlin the multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer-songwriter Lyhre who has always been somewhere in-between as her sonic identity fully shows. For years she’s composed music and performed in a variety of short films and theatre productions as a way of honing her craft before she launched herself head first into creating an osculating sound. She freely shifts between indie, dark electronica and alternative pop with the artist freely announcing her songs are ‘bloody pop’ on a regular basis and whilst her sound is gorgeous it’s her potent lyrics that allow you to fall into her sonic universe that makes her music so enticing.

Her latest track sad cyborg, comes from the artists own evolving definition regarding the identity problem that comes from being human. The track is for people who want to smash through the patriarchal norm, for people who don’t want to be labeled as something they’re not, for people who’ve faced social injustice and people who’ve faced battles for equality. The track isn’t just to raise awareness of what people are seeking in life, it’s a statement of intent about what we want the world to be and how we’re willing to fight for it.

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