Kid Apollo – Alleviate

At age 16 the trio Kid Apollo were taking their GCSEs here in the UK whilst simultaneously producing and performing original R&B/HipHop records which saw them grow a small but loyal fanbase in Reading. Taking influence from a wide range of music stylings from modern R&B, classic hip and even contemporary jazz they’ve managed to create a multifaceted sonic identity where there’s always something new, it’s like an onion you peel it back and there’s so many layers it is mind-boggling. Now all aged 18 the group comprising of two producers, Theo and Felix, and lead vocalist Jimmy HM have made the move to Brixton, London where they’re planning on blowing up the scene with their dynamic sound that already draw comparisons to the likes of Frank Ocean and Dominic Fike.

Alleviate is their debut single and the subject matter focuses on something we’re all trying to do right now, escape. With all that’s going on in the world we’re experiencing a new wave of issues that have effected us all mentally, physically, pretty much every aspect of our lives currently and this piece is all about our want/need to see those worries disappear from our mind, even if it’s for a few fleeting moments. The minimalistic production comprised of lo-fi beats and subtle guitar melodies creates an intimate soundscape that allows the lyrics that focus on relieving this pain to make an instant connection with all those listening. You feel the pain that they’re experiencing and, as a result, you’re both able to have a cathartic experience that makes the stress and turmoil fade away for 2 minutes and 20 seconds of pure bliss.

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