Cham Léon – three

In the modern music scene many of artists have been making it their mission to create music that people can lose themselves in, a place where they’re free from the worries of the world for a few seconds and find their place of solace within the compelling melodies they offer. Most soundscapes that offer this are catered more towards one demographic but the Norwegian pop star in the making Cham Léon has created something that all can call home. It’s a gender neutral universe where all are warmly invited in where all prejudgements, stereotypes and negative thoughts dissipate into nothingness and all that’s left are the people whom support and love you.

His latest single is three, the follow up single to his debut four, maintains the dark twisted style he injects into the pop scene but adds a 90’s house flair to the production with pulsating beats rippling throughout as the ear worm of a chorus wriggles its way into the deepest crevasse of your brain. His artistic talent is clear to see as he explores what the future of pop music can be, going for a more avant-garde style whilst simultaneously providing a message of acceptance, love and, most of all, equality.

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