Emma Beko – MHS

Peruvian-Canadian rapper from Montreal Emma Beko is known, outside of her music, for being a happy and bubbly person but that’s because he unleashes all of her pain, anguish and anger into her music, confronting the issues in the only way she knows how. She tackles all her issues within her craft to create a sound that is reflective of this with a 90’s hip hop nostalgia to the grungy beats and apocalyptic sounds whilst still maintaining a raw realness that makes her compelling lyrics so evocative to those who listen. She thrives on making emotional music that people can heal themselves with.

She recently unveiled an ode to her own adolescence and the hardships that came along with it titled MHS, a reference to the high school she attended, Mamaroneck High School. The vulnerable hip hop infused R&B track sees her discuss how she used drugs and alcohol to fill a void within her soul, she doesn’t shy away from what she did in the past, in fact she embraces it and owns her past as it was a dark passage in her life that lead to who she is today. She doesn’t regret it, but is happy she’s moved on and become the talent woman she is today.

Speaking about the track she says, “I found that so many of us dealt with the pains of growing up by getting high or getting drunk, and in “MHS” I confess that in some cases it’s just necessary motions we go through in order to grow into the person we are meant to be.”

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