Zanillya – Sacrifices

Amsterdam based artist, rapper, producer Zanillya has developed a name for herself over in her native country for tackling issues within her music that on self growth and the ability to overcome obstacles within our life. Her music touches upon a wide range of subjects like mental health, empowerment and self doubt but there’s always a core message at the heart of her multi-genre soundscape, self acceptance. She strives to make a positive impact on the world, she honestly portrays moments of her life with her heart upon her sleeve through her expansive soundscape.

Sacrifices, her latest release, shows this in bucket loads with the track being born from a place of reflection and inner strength. The sound takes influence from a wide array of genres with an Afrobeats rhythm section and retro hip hop beat being the perfect backing for her the silky smooth tones of her R&B vocal to deliver the poignant lyrics about choosing yourself over everyone else and doing what’s right to you. She’s unapologetically herself and this track provides the perfect re-introduction to the enticing sound she offers the world.

The song ‘Sacrifices’ is about trust issues and betrayal stemming from the internal and external world. It’s essence is about facing and choosing yourself despite the negative self talk and outside voices. When stepping into your destiny one must make a bunch of sacrifices and even though those are hard, with this song I was expressing my pain as well as my faith. It gives me the strength to keep going and hope it does the same for others.”

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