Alissic – Like


Being born 9 months after her parents encountered a UFO it seems like it was written in the stars that fast rising Brazilian musician Alissic would be a rather unique artist. Growing up in a small town where the only thing to do was save frogs from salt traps, she turned to music as a source of entertainment and creative fulfilment that started with her playing the recorder at age 7 before venturing onto the xylophone a short while later. Now at age 23 she is creating a sound that invites you to explore the darkest corners of her avant-garde sonic universe.

Like, her debut single, is one of the weirdest yet most captivating singles that I’ve seen this year. It’s an otherworldly experience that ventures into new territories that have yet to be fully explored in the pop world as her ethereal vocal soars over the minimalistic production like the UFO her parents saw all those years ago. Her expressive lyrics evoke high amounts of compelling emotion that are just the cherry on top of this spellbinding affair that takes us away from planet earth and to somewhere we never thought we’d go to.

Must Read