44phantom – all figured out


I’ve always been a firm believer in the fact that if you can captivate an audience with just your voice and one instrument then you’re doing something incredibly right. The 19-year-old Oklahoma-born and Seattle-based musician 44phantom grew up listening to a wide variety of music from the likes of Kurt Cobain to more contemporary artists like Drake that have helped influence his grunge pop style with a hip hop influence. Previous releases have explored this fascinating soundscape with hard-hitting beats and slick electric guitar melodies leading the production, Let’s Be Friends and Break Your Heart are prime examples of this, which we highly recommend checking out. But today he’s doing something a bit different.

Today he’s ventured into a more tenderly penned sound that is lead by a lone icy guitar that intertwines with his melodically inviting vocal that shows a side to this artist we haven’t seen before and completely enthrals us from start to finish. The track titled all figured out explores an unrequited infatuation with someone before slowly coming to terms with the fact that they’ve moved on from you, even if you wish they hadn’t. You go on this emotional journey of acceptance with 44phantom, you see the love he’s felt for this person and how she’s always on his mind before he slowly begins to move on and find someone new.

44phantom has impressed before but this track cements the artist as one of the big artists to watch coming into 2021. No doubt he’ll continue to impress us all throughout the, hopefully, better year.

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