moa moa – Spinning


If artists like Unknown Mortal Orchestra and James Blake tickle your fancy then the south London based quintet moa moa are going to be right up your street. The group was originally formed as a creative outlet for songwriter and producer James Ratcliffe but once his band mates joined the fray they all began to realise they’d stumbled onto something special. They created a blueprint that detailed the raw untapped potential their multifaceted sound had to offer that combined their unconventional songwriting style with a pop leaning sensibility that offered something bold and fresh within this sonic universe.

Following up from their stellar debut, Spinning is a unique take on self love and male pattern baldness (something I am all too familiar with). Bursting with life the vibrant production is is gorgeously textured with bold guitar riffs, warped synths and bombastic beats that further expresses their desire to be ever-changing, unpredictable and ambitious within their music. Heartfelt vocals deliver the intoxicating hooks as the addictive melodies begin to take over your body and the groove becomes irresistible. This is just the beginning of moa moa.

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