Florence Arman – Home

Ever since her debut single Naked the British musician Florence Arman has shown us all that she has a wide arsenal of talents that have lead to her becoming one of 2021’s most exciting names to watch. Wether it be the large amounts of character she injects into her music, her natural ability to intimately portray moments of her life that we can all connect with or draw on her own experience of living between two countries with her vocal coach mum and composer/conductor dad, she always has that special something. She’s written for the likes of The Kooks, Rhys Lewis and Crystal Fighters but her own musical pursuits are where she thrives.

Home is a bittersweet piece that sees Arman reminisce over what home means to her and what others have told her it means but slowly realising what she originally called home no longer feels like it. Her introspective lyricisms are overflowing with a heartfelt emotion that many will relate to, the not really knowing what is home anymore that her earnest vocals communicate beautifully with the tender production only enhancing. 2020 has been a wonderful year for Florence Arman, but 2021 looks like it’s going to be something special.

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