Sølv – Girls Should Be

Listening to the likes of Portishead and Massive Attack at a young age definitely influenced the London based musician Sølv when crafting her experimental R&B infused pop sound, where as the likes of FKA Twigs and BANKS inspired her to add a slightly more unconventional contemporary flair to it. Inspired by those who paved the way she plans on following in their footsteps before venturing off on her own path into new territories that many have not explored before to create a sonic experience that conveys a depth of emotion that she often yearns for.

Whilst a lot of her previous tracks have contained booming bass lines and hard-hitting trap beats, Girls Should Be ventures more into the ambient drone world. Halcyon like electronics lead the production to create a serene atmosphere that further compliments the celestial tones of Sølv’s ethereal vocal as she delivers her profound and deeply personal lyrics. This piece is like Yin and Yang, dark subject matter with a brooding production meeting a heavenly vocal, you need them both together to allow for the beauty to be seen.

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