torr – Control

Hyper pop as a genre has move past being a trend and has become a well established genre with a plethora of musicians unleashing the experimental and expressive potential the bombastic genre has to offer. Breakaway New York City artist torr is one of those artists who gives the fluorescent explosive synth melodies and gives them an anti-pop twist that gives the sound a fresh yet aggressive feel that gets your foot tapping and head bopping along to the sound in a matter of seconds whilst still maintaining traditional pop conventions.

His previous releases Cute and NPC were strong tracks but there’s something about Control that sees the artist push his sonic identity to the next level. The rapturous array of eruptive synths brings a jubilant nature to the piece as his warped vocals dance across the disjointed sonic experience, very akin to The 1975 universe during their Notes On A Conditional Form era. Bubbly synths, eclectic guitars and fat basses, what more could you want from a rising hyper pop musician who’s becoming a hot prospect.

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