Noah Guy – SUMDAY

The Philadelphia native Noah Guy has become one of the hottest talents emerging from the state right now with his alluring sound combing warm inviting melodies with an emotionally toned vocals that brings his earnest lyricisms to life in ways that has seen hundred of thousands of people flock to his sound. His first two tracks, Love Like I Do and Wide Open, were just beginning of his musical journey with the artist taking 2020 by the scruff of the neck and making this a year to remember. His sonic identity grew, critiques began to sing his praises and he’s just dropped his debut EP, safe to say it’s been a great year for him.

SUMDAY includes three past releases such as the lovelorn injection of serotonin that is Song Our Time Creates, the honey drizzled vocal riffs that make BIG FAT LIAR and, of course, the warmly toned and future summer anthem Little Bloomer. Then we have the new release that opens the EP, the gorgeous intro titled STREETLIGHTS, a tenderly sung number backed by a lush piano melody that is the last remaining thread that tightly brings this whole body of word together in glorious fashion.

The future looks bright for Noah Guy.

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