Mountain Bird – Terrified of Love


Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Mountain Bird has a rather fascinating sound as it’s like a combination of Sufjan Stevens with the compelling lyrics he writes but has an air of Scissor Sisters too with the classic pop styled production he brings to his music. It sounds like a crazy combination but it works to an unreal extent with his sound being a cathartic experience for all who’ve been through unreal heartbreak, helping heal the soul through his music. The stark honesty in his lyric pulls no punches, he tells you everything from his deepest fears, to his hopes and dreams, he wears his heart on his sleeve throughout.

Terrified of Love is an emotionally charged pop ballad that draws on the fact that whilst love can be a terrifying prospect for many due to modern dating apps making commitment feel all the more scary, it’s this fear that makes it such a worth endeavour. The austere tone of the piano creates a somber funereal atmosphere that symbolises the deadly fear he currently has to love as electronic vocal harmonies represent the thoughts swirling around his head as he contemplates whether the reward is worth the journey. However there is a subtle tone of hope that comes through the buoyant synths, they offer this shining light in amidst the darkness of the dating world. A rather stunning piece of music.

Speaking of the track Mountain Bird explains that, “Tinder and all the other apps have made us scared of committing to basically anything or anyone, so instead we are throwing away people like garbage and this has been a huge impact of the collective depressive state.

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