ella jane – AUGUST IS A FEVER

When we’re young we’re often inspired by the people surrounding us, they help shape us into the person we are today and encourage us to pursue the things we love whilst simultaneously influencing us through the things that they love. Being the daughter of a jazz-pianist, the 19 year old musician ella jane was introduced to a wide breadth of musicians from an early age with legendary musicians replacing the nursery rhymes others her age would’ve been hummed by their parents. She was raised on passionate lyrics that elegantly told beautiful stories and this left a long lasting influence on her with, these icons were her teachers as she became equipped with a sharp ear for alluring melodies and clever wit that has lead to her stellar lyrical talent, as was eloquently show in her debut The City and follow up nothing else i could do.

Today she’s continuing her hot run of form with AUGUST IS A FEVER, an electrifying piece of pop that continues to tells the story of a fiery romance where she slowly loses herself to keep this person she’s in love with before slowly realising they aren’t who she believed they were. Through her vivid storytelling and passionate vocal performance she invites you to take a closer look at her youth as she dissects the errors she made with raw unadulterated pain but juxtaposes that through her buoyant pop production featuring an array of galvanising synths. She’s a talent who’s making her mark on the music world.

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