Julius Black – Summer

We might’ve spent the majority of this summer indoors but the glorious sun still shined down upon us in the UK to add a bit of joy to the rather gloomy days and as we begin to make our way to through the darker and colder seasons whilst simultaneously experiencing seasonal depression we begin to find music to make us think back to warmer and more inviting times. Julius Black’s latest single is a scintillating affair that transports us back to those times but with more of a melancholy twist as he details the tragic end of a relationship that occurred once he moved from his home town.

Black’s vocals in Summer project nothing but heartfelt emotion as he yearns for the days where they’d lose themselves within the winsome moments they shared together whilst knowing the pain that was caused that lead to the turbulent end of this once jubilant relationship. The production switches between coruscating synth melodies that shimmer like the ocean as the sun sets and jarring distorted beats that accentuates the shift in the relationship. It’s a lyrical experience that will soundtrack many breaks ups over the years as people lose themselves in the nostalgia of what could’ve been.

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