Rudie Edwards – Young


Being born and raised in the working town of Dover in the South East of England the musician Rudie Edwards had dreams bigger than the town she was trapped within. She knew she wanted to be a singer and never thought that it wasn’t a possibility or something she couldn’t do, but she did know that she had to get out of Dover as soon as possible which lead to her uprooting herself at the age of 15 and heading off to The BRIT School to pursue her musical dreams. Having already been a bit of a trouble maker, she’d already had trouble fitting in at school due to being mixed race in a predominantly white area, she began to get up to all sorts of mischief in the English capital but all of this lead her to where she is today and her fondly looking back upon these times within her debut single.

Young is the artist retrospectively looking back at where she came from, remembering the journey that lead her to the position she is in now and realising how much she’s grown from that time of her life. Her distinct vocal is filled with unbridled amounts of passion that sends chills down my spine instantly as goosebumps appear across by body as her poetic lyrics tell her story. You feel her strength, you hear her originality and you understand the passion she has for her work and why music means so much to her. Rudie Edwards is a talent that is well worth keeping an eye on and is something truly special.

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