Rook Monroe – Honey

Rook Monroe has already had quite the successful career as a songwriter, having penned tracks for the likes of Rihanna, including her critically acclaimed Desperados, and The Chainsmokers the artist is now heading out to make a name for himself as a solo artist and rightfully so. His first two releases have already garnered a lot of praise with his nostalgia ladened sound blending psychedelia guitar riffs, funk based rhythms and a 60’s doo-wop style to the vocal harmonies that has made his music so pleasantly inviting. You can easily lose yourself within his sonic identity as tracks like Jolie and Pink & Purple have already proven and his new happy-go-lucky single Honey will be soon added to that list.

The third single in Monroe’s solo venture longingly looks back upon an old summer romance, the long walks at the beach, time spent with friends and loving moments are all wrapped up within this nostalgia inducing track through the honey drizzled storytelling and coruscating melodies. The cheery organic production lends itself well to the addictive hook that you’ll be singing under your breath for weeks to come as the Monroe’s overzealous vocal gently pulls you a long to be apart of the joyous ride he is taking us on.

Speaking about the track Monroe said, “Sometimes you can’t help who you fall for – seeing what you want to see, as everything around you both falls apart. Honey is about finding light in situations where there isn’t any, simply because everything is sweeter when you’re in love.”

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