Downtown Mischief – Warm Bath, Pt.2


Tragically we’ve now entered the winter months where the days are shorter, nights are colder and we all have a slightly bleaker moral outlook on the world, but luckily we’ve got bands like Downtown Mischief to keep the summer vibes coming and brighten up our morose attitudes in style. Their Wild West Coast lifestyle fuels the exuberant style of music that is filled to the brim with unbridled personality that matches the larger than life character they inject into their life performances that saw them become a popular attraction at any party in Victoria, British Colombia. Back in the early 2010’s the breezy sound of Cali-Pop took over the music scene and this cast of musical characters have rejigged it and turned that sound into a funk filled, hip hop infused and downright jubilant rhythmic event.

Their track Warm Bath, Pt.2 is a buoyant affair with tongue in cheek lyrics and a bubbly brass production mixed with some subtle funk guitar melodies that get your foot tapping and body grooving to the rhythm that reverberates through your body as the good times keep on coming. This is a summer anthem in the making with nothing but feel good vibes coming from their breezy sound that is filled to the brim with a raw jubilant energy. A unique collective of musicians that will make your day all the more better just by letting their music take a hold of your and take you to a blissful and fun-filled world.

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