Rio Blue – Moonlight

Rio Blue possesses one of those celestial vocals that gives her music this utterly ethereal feel that makes the sonic universe she tenderly invites you into feel all the more mystical and magical as a result. Her previous release Y effortlessly transported me to a whole new world where I felt as if I was floating above the sky with her angelic voice being my narrator as I oversaw the world from above as the ambient production only added to this weightless feeling I was experiencing. She has a special power to just make all your modern day worries melt away from your body with just a simply vocal riff and synth melody.

Her latest release titled Moonlight is further proof of this with the euphonic number offering a true sense of euphoria. Serene melodies gently drift around you body before delicately wrapping themselves around you with the woozy guitar riffs and spaced out synths building a tranquil atmosphere that allows her vocal to effortlessly take flight. Fuse that with the idyllic lovelorn lyrics and you’ve got a piece that will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside within one listen. Dive into her soundscape and experience this ride for yourself.

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