KHLOEY – MISSING ft. Ward Wills

KHLOEY might not be a name we all know right now but the likelihood is we’ve all heard her musical fingerprints at some point in our lives with the 20 year old being involved in a plethora of radio hits with lyrics that we’ve undoubtably sung many times before. Her dreams has always been to create music that, “people have their first kiss to, to have mental breakdowns to, to play at parties, to play with their convertible top down, to turn off when it comes on the radio, to complain about, to become their most listened to song on Spotify…all of it,” and today she makes her first steps towards that goal as she steps from behind the curtain and into the spotlight with her debut track MISSING, ft. Ward Wills, that she personally describes as, “shit-storm with a pretty presentation.” 

She’s spent many years blossoming in secret, taking her time to release her debut and damn was it well worth the weight. The dreamy production filled with lucid synths and expressive melodies packs an emotional punch that is only heightened when you dive into the poetically poignant lyrics that detail the twists and turns in her red-flagged relationships whilst KHLOEY is delivering them with her gorgeously evangelical vocal. The coruscating harmonies mixed add another layer to the sonic soundscape and the Ward Wills verse is just the cherry on top for this whole affair that has us feeling like we’re witnessing the start of something special here.

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