Blest Jones – Talk Back

Blest Jones manages to take everything that I love about the 90’s R&B sound and propels it forward into the modern age through his knack for deep vocal harmonies, luscious melodies and poignant lyricisms. The New York based musician doesn’t hesitate to dive into the past to help influence his sound, in fact he thrives in it as he plays around with these nostalgic melodies that strike a chord with all millennial’s who listen. He relates to this generation by offering a place of solace and comfort within his soundscape and his latest release Talk Back is living proof of this.

The luscious layered harmonies instantly make me think back to the early days of Boyz II Men before grand electronic flourishes appear towards to the end of the piece that give off a Jon Bellion vibe to them. The highlight throughout this whole piece is the velvety smooth vocals Jones possesses, his silky tone melts into the production effortlessly and makes you feel completely at ease with the world as the heartfelt lyricisms slowly wrap themselves around you until you find yourself in a state of pure bliss. In his short time as an artist Blest has proven the raw unadulterated talent he possesses and he makes no mistakes in showing that even more with this release.

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