The story behind 19&YOU is something that could’ve come straight out of a movie with the lead producer of the band Noah Taylor flew down to Sydney, Australia to pursue a relationship but when and unexpected bump in the road changed his plans he ended up staying with his future band mates Cameron Graves, Jackson Leitch and Liam Wallis. These four friends went on a journey together within the short few months they were together and created a project that was so much larger than what they were expecting. To the band, the age 19 is full of moments that change your life and they translate that into their emotive brand of indie pop.

Their debut track RUNNIN’ was release earlier this year but once COVID hit the band built up a network of resources and team members before deciding to release a newly remixed and re-mastered version and, as expected, it’s brilliant. The lyrics focus on being head over heels in love with someone but knowing in your heart that you have to let them go, the earnest vocals mixed with the production of chilled out electronica flourishes and melancholy melodies makes each word feel all the more real. 19&YOU, dive into their sound now, you won’t regret it.

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