Brandon Shoop – Never Again


One listen to Brandon Shoop’s debut single Never Again and you’ll instantly see the star potential this 25 year old artist from Brooklyn has to offer the world. His ability to craft earnest yet pensive lyricisms that detail his own personal feelings after the untimely end of a relationship is unrivalled as the serene tone of his vocal gently brings it all to life. You’re invited to be a witness of the jubilant memories he experienced with his past lover get erased from his phone as his intense emotional response begins to take over his body as he laments over his naivety to believe that this relationship would stand the test of time.

This is only a taste of what Shoop has to offer and already he’s demonstrated his ability to weave a tale that intertwines his candid lyricisms with his richly soothing vocal in a glorious fashion as the textured soundscape of lush guitar riffs and melancholy synths providing the perfect backdrop. It’s something we rarely see but it is simply the perfect debut. Brandon Shoop, that name might sound new to us now but give it time and he’ll likely become a house hold name.

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