Adam Pastel – HOME ft. Moe Young

A collaboration between Adam Pastel and Moe Young is one of those occasions where two artists bounce perfectly offer together in a sonic universe with the synthesis of their spaced out harmonies and velvety smooth production being a pure joy to behold. Both of these rising artists are renowned for their candid lyricisms and ability to wear their heart on their sleeve, allowing the emotion they deliver to come cascading down upon all who listen and today is not different as they detail Pastel’s own experience of homesickness when being separated from his family at college.

HOME deals with how feeling alone and isolated in a new place where the surroundings are unfamiliar can make you crave for the comfort of your old home town where even if you were alone you didn’t feel it. Be it the sounds that have become comforting, the local corner shop with the sweet lady behind the counter or even just the sights of home, they go through the motions of missing their old home. The unreserved lyricisms openly confess the inner pain Pastel was going through with the somber production of deep melancholy synth beats and electronic flourishes amplifying this message to new heights.

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