Bunsa – TOXIC

Thai born musician Bunsa is currently setting the Norwegian underground scene alight with his divinely toned, celestial sounding and lusciously smooth brand of alternative R&B. You close your eyes his wickedly beguiling sound tenderly swifts you away into a tranquil state of mind as his enchanting vocal gently weaves a tale that paints a picture within your mind with every word adding another stroke until the end where you’re left looking at a masterpiece. He’s everything the new modern R&B sound should be and his latest piece TOXIC is everything we could want and more from this rising star.

Poetically placed lyricisms about not being enough like, “Am I really enough for your pain / You ain’t been the same for so long,” lead the piece as they’re soothingly crooned by Bunsa’s flavoursome vocal whilst the dreamy soundscape comprised of spaced out beats and somber guitar melodies completely enthrals you. There’s no doubt in my mind that this alluring piece is next piece in Bunsa’s ascent to music stardom, he’s already dominated the Norwegian underground scene so surely the charts will be next.

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