Abbie Ozard – True Romance

Manchester based musician Abbie Ozard has made a name for herself by soundtracking the Gen Z adolescent experience with her 90’s influenced sound capturing the honest nature of her lyricisms that weave a tale that feel like it’s come straight out of a modern art house coming of age film. Her wistful storytelling nails the inner anxieties as well as liberating moments the transition out of adolescence can offer whilst all being wrapped up in a gorgeously textured soundscape. Today she continues that trend with True Romance, where she fantasises about being the lead of the classic Quentin Tarantino film of the same name as she explains below:

“Growing up and living in a small town has made me dream of better things, and being a better person outside the bubble that Ilive in at the moment. I feel like I’m constantly having some form of identity crisis; I watched True Romance and thought ‘fuck, i just want to be Alabama in this film’ and live this mad life with a cool leopard print coat on and purple converse. I want to be this character, with a cool life, and ride around in a pink Cadillac. Hopefully one day I’ll be happy with everything that’s going on and the way I am, but for now I’m just gonna carry on wishing I was in True Romance haha.”

The production is bursting with life as the vibrant guitar melodies with a hazy undertone, buoyant percussion section that gets really moving in the chorus and a jubilant atmosphere that was made for blasting out on your car’s radio as you drive down the coast. It’s a perfect fusion of her classic grit filled beach indie rock sound with a light-hearted pop flair that makes this a true joy to behold. Ozard might’ve written this whilst fantasising about being in a movie but this track makes you feel like the main character in your own feature length film effortlessly.

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