Lissy Taylor – High

The highest compliment I can give British singer-songwriter Lissy Taylor is that she is perfectly how I envision a modern day Stevie Nicks would sound. With her unequivocally elysian vocals soaring effortlessly over the smokey blues guitar melodies as the lyrics document her own journey of self-discovery with us simply tagging along for the ride. She’s proven to have a knack for crafting pieces that could’ve come straight out of Woodstock, see her previous track Wildflower, and today she headlines the main event with vigorous single High.

The track comes off of her Wildflowers EP that Taylor describes as “a personal insight to emotional struggle, healing and growth.  My songwriting stems from reflecting on my own feelings and this EP for me explores vulnerability, empowerment and love,” with high being a simply unmissable track from the project. There’s a refreshing candour to the lyricisms with the high octane production of fiery guitar riffs and jangling tambourines bringing them to life whilst complimenting the alluring yet raw vocal prowess that Taylor has always possessed. If you dig this track then dive into the EP to get the full experience, it’s more than worth the journey.

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