Alfie Indra – All My Friends Are Depressed

Over the past few months now Alfie Indra has been on the rise with his candid storytelling ability to craft witty lyricisms about any subject matter that was thrown at him (writing a love song about Greg Paul) seeing him garner a large and loyal fanbase. He’s been slowly developing his sound over the years with his sincere songwriting being at the centre point of it all and today he’s hit the jackpot with his latest single All My Friends Are Depressed combining a subtle 80’s influence with an earnest indie pop feel that makes an instant connection with all who listen.

Speaking about the track Indra explained that, “After talking about my struggles with OCD and intrusive thoughts on JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast, I had hundreds of messages from a mix friends and other podcast listeners saying that they had been struggling too. It made me realise that everyone has some sort of battle going on in their head, but the majority of people don’t talk about it, so everybody ends up feeling like an outcast. Writing ’All My Friends Are Depressed’ was my way of processing this by opening up a blunt and honest conversation about it.”

There’s a wonderful juxtaposition to the piece with the melancholy lyrics contrasting the upbeat indie production featuring a slick percussion section and melodic spaced out guitar riffs as his solemn vocals pierce through it all to make the lyrics hit harder than a punch from Mike Tyson. That’s the thing about Indra’s songwriting though, nothing ever feels fake. Every word he utters you believe and that’s what makes the emotional impact he offer so hard-hitting and undeniably raw. Keep an eye on this one, there’s something here that has the potential to be really special.

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