Khi Infinite – Lucy

With a unique blend of sounds that range of hip hop all the way down to bedroom pop the 19 year old Virginia native Khi Infinite has a truly genre bending sound. He’s someone who you can’t fit into one box because he’s already occupying 20 of them at once, taking influences from the likes of Andre 3000 before adding his own signature flair to the mix to awaken a strong connection through his unconventional soundscape. Then you’ve got the candour of his storytelling that evokes high amount emotion with his earnest yet poetic lyricisms and it’ll make you wonder why this 19 year old hasn’t blown up yet, especially when he’s releasing tracks like Lucy.

“I was going through some things in a relationship that I realised were unhealthy for me, but I never wanted to actually let go of what I had because I was still so attached. I think this song is a really strong depiction of what exactly I was going through,” the young musicians begins to explain. “I tried to portray my story in a way that no one else can. Whether that be through my lyricism where I gave my own spin and personal touch to the song or how I approached the song from a melodic standpoint.”

We start the sonically rich journey Khi begins to take us on with a lushly toned production that fits into the same sonic universe as Rex Orange County with a subtle psychedelic flair that transports you into a state of pure bliss. The lyricisms dive into a teenager’s struggling addiction to love whilst being apart of a seemingly failing relationship as the alluring vocal inflictions of Khi bring the raw honesty of them to life whilst the story is weaved out in front of you. With his remarkable versatility as an artist Khi Infinite has that special something that makes his music simply divine to hear.

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