KennyHoopla – lost cause// ft. Jesse

Born in Cleveland and currently based in Wisconsin, KennyHoopla has become one of the most exciting artists in the alternative pop world right now with his innovative sound blazing a trail for all future artists to look at in awe and inspiration. His debut EP saw a huge amount of love from both music lovers and artists a-like and now he’s made his grand return with a collaboration with fellow trailblazer Jesse of The Neighbourhood for the reimagining of his 2019 single lost cause//.

The pair blend their soundscapes togethers beautifully with a flavourful production comprised of slick beats and captivating melodies whilst their vocals intertwine with one another in glorious fashion as they chant the powerful and socially relevant lyric “don’t shoot / hands up.” KENNYHOOPLA’s soundscape is one of the most fascinating around right now with it taking influence from sensational bands like The Drums and Funeral Suits creating his self-proclaimed new wave nostalgia sound. This young artist’s ascent to greatness is going to be something amazing to witness.

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