FJ Law – Friends

FJ Law has already proven himself to be a heavy-hitter in the music world, having already collaborated with the likes of Kwassa and Nina Nesbitt as a producer, having music supported by BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart and appearing on the BBC Hotlist as well. All of this praise before he’s even release his debut single, safe to say this young musician could be a future chart mainstay with his first ever release Friends merging his singer songwriter roots with electronic bedroom beats that has pop breakup anthem written all over it.

“I was in the beginning of a pretty heavy break up,” FJ Law begins to explain. “We knew it had finished but it was hard to sink in. The song is about anger, betrayal and the explosive emotional expression of ‘F*CK YOU’ to both your ‘friend’ and your ex who you feel betrayed you. The release of the chorus in the song mirrors the release of emotion I was feeling after I saw my ex and a friend leave a bar together – ‘Are you going for afters? I know you’re going for afters.’ I tried to mask my upset and dismiss my anger by putting on a brave, sarcastic face, and followed an adrenaline fuelled pursuit to get absolutely wasted alone. Hoping drink by drink it would soften the blow. It did…but the elephant never left the room.

The verses remain fairly somber with the earnest lyrics allowing the solemn emotion to wash over you before the ferocity of the chorus takes over with a volatile explosion of emotion that lets the white hot fury Law was experiencing take control of you in an instant. The pensive lyricisms make you feel like a fly on the wall watching the story unfold and as the ending becomes clear you can’t help but go back to the start to relive it all once again. A passionate pop affair that labels FJ Law as one to watch in 2020.

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