Chris Watts – Over U

Multi-Instrumentalist Chris Watts has slowly become one of Australia’s hottest pop prospects right now with Watts effortlessly weaving a web of stories through his interconnecting darkly toned pop tracks the thrive on their own as well as apart of a whole project. He last release was in 2018 after a long hiatus he had to undertake due to personal issues but he recently came back and stronger than ever with the heart thumping and stompingly good track Over U which he talks about below:

“You’re four months out after having your heart completely broken. You’re in that limbo stage where you know you have to move on but it’s way easier to just romanticise the past and to not get ‘over them.’ You might even find yourself ‘accidentally’ waking up in their bed once again, having just undone all the progress you’ve made to move on. This song is your four-month break-up wake-up call! Got to move on.”

With a throbbing percussion, that is like Woodkid meets Kanye West in Black Skinhead, reverberating through your whole body whilst propelling the track forward into new territories, as the lyricisms suggest, with the haunting ambience adding to the dread that comes along with it. Throughout you get the nervous excitement of moving on whilst simultaneously being scared about what the future may bring as you find yourself slowly wanting to drift back into what was comfortable, but as the artist says, “break-up, wake-up! Got to move on.” It’s hip hop through a pop lens and damn is it addictive as hell.

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